Remembering your "why" can keep you going no matter what life throws your way. Why do you work hard every day? Why do you try your best in any situation and never give up?

Some people are motivated by their loved ones while others are driven by career ambitions. Your reasons act as your beacon of hope during difficult times. They give you the strength to pick yourself up and carry on. "Babangon tayo!", as we say in Filipino.

It’s not always easy to keep this in mind, though. That’s why some people have a morning routine to enable them to focus on their goals, manage stress levels, and increase their productivity all day.

Empowering morning rituals in modern times

Morning rituals are simply a series of actions that you do on a regular basis. There’s no ‘right’ order to follow. The best morning ritual is something that is personal to you and helps you find your sense of peace and purpose before you start your day.

Your ritual can be as simple as saying a prayer or writing in your journal. Some take time to exercise, chat with family, clean the house, or listen to music. If you’re a coffee lover, you can turn the act of drinking coffee into an empowering moment. While enjoying your favorite cup, you can think of the things you are most grateful for in your life. Some use this time to visualize all their dreams. Others sit in silence and simply focus on the present moment.


Coffee as a self-care ritual

A good cup of coffee can make you feel good and give you the strength to rise and thrive each morning.  When you drink it with intention and a clear mind, you are more likely to greet the day with a positive mindset.  NESCAFÉ recognizes that quality coffee can set the tone for the rest of your day.

By using the best beans from its local partner farms, NESCAFÉ coffee brings a rich taste and aroma that makes it a perfect morning drink. NESCAFÉ has a wide range of variants that appeal to different kinds of coffee lovers from 100% pure and natural coffee to a delicious white coffee mix. By associating your coffee time with an inspiring morning ritual, NESCAFÉ can help bring out your ‘rise up and move forward’ attitude, a "Bangon" mindset that can help you thrive every day.


It's normal to lose motivation some days. Acknowledge what you feel and try not to be too hard on yourself when that happens. Embrace your morning ritual. As you drink your morning coffee, always remember that no matter what challenges you face, you are far stronger and more resilient than you think.

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This article A morning ritual to power your day was originally published in GMA News Online.

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