In this episode of OG Unique Business, we take a closer look at the story behind one of Dumaguete's most popular and beloved food carts: Takoyummy. Owned by Christine Gablines and Jean Kevin Tubello, this sought-after food cart is famous for its delicious Japanese octopus balls, known as takoyaki

But how did this couple go from being passionate foodies to successful business owners? And what makes their takoyaki stand out from the rest? These are the questions we'll be answering in this article, as well as providing an inside look at the different types of takoyaki that are available at Takoyummy. 

The Birth of Takoyummy 

Christine and Jean Kevin have always been passionate about food, and among all the dishes they agreed on, the one food they both loved was takoyaki: a popular street food in Japan made of a wheat flour-based batter and diced octopus. So when they decided to start a business together, they knew they wanted it to be something that involved their love of this food. They also saw that there was an opportunity in their province since there wasn’t anyone selling authentic takoyaki in Dumaguete. And that's how the idea of Takoyummy was born. 

The couple began by doing extensive research on takoyaki, in which they learned about the traditional recipe and the various ways it can be prepared and flavored. Christine played the role of taster while Jean Kevin was the chef. They perfected their recipe and came up with a unique flavor that suited the Filipino palate.

With a capital of P40,000, they started a small takoyaki cart and began selling it on the streets of Dumaguete. The authentic takoyaki menu was a hit, people loved the unique taste and texture, and soon, they started getting requests to open a permanent shop. 

Expanding the Business 

With the success of their takoyaki cart, Christine and Jean Kevin decided to expand their business and opened a full-fledged restaurant named Bean There which featured not only their authentic takoyaki, but also included other finger foods like chicken wings and baked scallops. They even serve coffee and cocktails, too! It is now quickly becoming a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. 

Takoyummy’s Tips for Starting a Food Cart Business 

Are you inspired to learn the best tips for this kind of business? Here are Christine and Jean Kevin's tips for budding food cart entrepreneurs like them: 

  • • Move locations occasionally to widen your market and promote your brand.
  • • Have dependable suppliers for ingredients to ensure you can always fulfill customer orders.
  • • Only offer a product that you personally believe in and enjoy, even if it takes multiple attempts to perfect the flavor. 

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