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It's been years since the brown sugar milk tea trend dominated all the menus of milk tea shops across all cities and provinces. And while it's moved up from being a trend to a drink-menu staple, it's only now that we're seeing brown sugar milk in the supermarket. Genius, right? 

In one of our recent grocery runs, we found Milk Magic's new Brown Sugar Milk. Don't be put off by its veeeery simple and straightforward packaging because you know how the age-old saying goes: Never judge a milk drink by its carton.

What You Need To Know About Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk

Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk is a limited-edition flavor that's sweetened with brown sugar, giving it a sweet caramel flavor. According to its packing, it has a bit of iodized sea salt included to enhance the sweetness of the brown sugar.

You can see the ingredients and nutrition facts here:

What We Loved And Didn't Like About Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk

You can drink it on its own! Similar to any flavored milk—be it chocolate, strawberry, melon, banana, and the like—Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk is good on its own. It's a sweet milk you can enjoy as a drinkable dessert as it tastes just like the trendy brown sugar milk tea.

Yes, it's good on its own, but if you like your coffee sweet and milky, Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk is going to level up your coffee experience at home. Add this to brewed coffee or tea, stir, and you're done! There's no need to add anything else.

You don't even need to add more sugar because it's extra sweet (as it should be!), which is why it can be enjoyed as a dessert. But for your first try of Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk with your brewed coffee or tea, you can gradually add until you find your sweet spot.

If there's anything we don't love about Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk is that it's a limited edition flavor. This could mean that it only going to be available for a specific time period or a specific quantity, which honestly, makes us want to stock up on it if only dairy didn't have a short shelf life. 

How Much + Where To Buy Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk

Milk Magic's Brown Sugar Milk is available in two sizes: the 1-liter carton costs P112.80 while the 330-ml carton costs P48.30. We were able to buy both sizes at Makati Supermarket in Alabang, but best to check your supermarket if they carry it, too!

You can also buy it from Milk Magic's Shopee Mall for a cheaper price. They only have the 330-ml cartons available, priced at P100/two cartons, P200/four cartons, P300/six cartons, P400/eight cartons, and P500/10 cartons

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